Memories that last a Lifetime

Catch every luxurious moment on a flawless beach, make way to jumping onto the nearest local beach. We are just a few meters away from the coastal waters of the everlasting, nautical, refreshing Adriatic Sea. Plunge into the deepest end, swim a few laps, then simply nurture your body on a tanning bed provided. Relentlessly, enjoy vacation more with Villa Ivana in Croatia. Earn your prize, Villa Ivana is meant to simply release, and unleash all your worries, and treasure the most spectacular moments.

Top vacation on beach

We are simply at the top of the list for beautiful, relaxing, easy vacations. Getaway from all the worries and hassles in life, enjoy all of the beauties in life on a natural, vast beach. Only Villa Ivana in Kanica, Croatia can provide you with such fine luxuries. We are almost totally booked for the sizzling summer season, so simply choose an available date, and book with us now. Enjoy Europe's elegant treasure, Croatia's four Star rated apartments situated in a remote fishing village. Only Villa Ivana in Kanica, Croatia can serve you correctly.

Sparkling sea

Enjoy this thrilling beach dome in Croatia. Located on the very tip of the beautiful, sparkling, refreshing Adriatic Sea descend into the enticing waters, only at Villa Ivana. Meet the extra beautiful apartment house, with a brilliant decor. Get more experiences on a natural beach dome. Villa Ivana apartment house will treat you in a correct manner. The Villa Ivana apartments near the sea will also include the tourists free WIFI, most comfortable beds, and television, There is infinitely so much more things to enjoy in these beach apartments, there is so much joy.

Extravagant apartments


Embrace your twilighting vacation, and swim to the deepest end. Go snorkeling, and discover the beautiful aspects of the Adriatic Sea. This is an absolute getaway to paradise. Feel the charasmatic winds that sway by. Life on a beach, gives utterly the finest joy. Villa Ivana is a four-star acredited apartment house on the beach of Croatia. Nestled away from crowded beaches, Villa Ivana can serve you to the finest treat. Getaway from the crowded cities, and just find the best relaxation on a beautiful beach.

Simple beach apartments,

To every given degree, Villa Ivana in Kanica, Croatia will match the finest luxury of utterly relaxing every summer day, to the supreme extent. Be dazzled with going swimming each day, kayaking over the soothing Adriatic Sea, and viewing through the crystal clear waters. On top of that, enjoy a tremendous barbecue, and enjoy sleeping on the finest, soothing beds. Villa Ivana certainly has it all, when choosing the best beach apartments. Located in a remote area in Kanica, Croatia, Villa Ivana is the finest gem in the beautiful land.


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