2022 summer rentals in Croatia

Your 2022 holiday sensations will ultimately glow, Villa Ivana has you covered in the 2022 summer. Shine the brightest, with a vacation stay with us. Lie down on provided sun lounge chairs; get utterly the best dark tan at Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia. Get more of an exclusive vacation with us. Descend just a few meters, and you can feel the extraordinary, spectacular, refreshing Adriatic Sea at your fingertips!!


Questing a fantastic vacation?

     We humans are an interesting lot. We just need to celebrate something – all the time. It is the best way we know to experience local culture and the joy in life. Here in Croatia, we’ve got our own special brand of celebrating our diverse culture and southern living. From our second line parades, to the summer festival season – heck, we even celebrate omelettes – every day is a new reason to commemorate something.


Relaxant holiday sensations

     Enjoy the ultimate beach vacation with Villa Ivana, in Croatia. Located directly on the beach of Croatia's spectacular coast of the Adriatic Sea, 
comes Villa Ivana. Enjoy this marvelous getaway, enjoy the natural beach life. Villa Ivana will ultimately satisfy your expectations. 
Take for instance, relax on a sun bed, get the darkest tan, enjoy the most essential breakfasts by grabbing a delightful breakfast at the 
local buses that come by every morning, eat the most delicious foods roasted on a barbecue, and finally finish the day by sleeping on the 

spend vacation on a beach

      Have you ever spent a vacation on a beach? Want to getaway from the chaotic city life? Redeem yourself by making a simple reservation with villa Ivana in Croatia's most refreshing atmosphere. Especially, in villa Ivana's bay, during the scorchering summer. Descend just a few meters, then be touching the most refreshing part of the Adriatic Sea.



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