Take a deep breath,


And breathe the fresh air of Croatia; even more so, just relax at Villa Ivana. Located in quite a remote area, we are the very first house that touches the very tips of the Adriatic Sea; nobody else comes closer in the area. Simply follow the instructions on how to register, and claim your spot now. Every guest that Villa Ivana has had have enjoyed the phenomenal results, at Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia. Feel the greatest when you just sigh at the beach of Croatia.

Compelling vacation


Have you ever dreamed of having a vacation to getaway from it all? To be completely worry free? Now’s your chance to enjoy your life more, by registering for a nice, tidy villa at Villa Ivana. We still have some vacancy from July 6 through July 15 in Apartment 2 for four people. This is a beach house rental on the coast of Croatia. Apartment 4 is also vacant from July 7th through July 15 for 3 people. Then, we also have Apartment 1 available from July 6 through July 20, it can serve a whopping number of 8 people.


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