Villa Ivana's beauty; see through waters,


     Diving in the Crystal clear Adriatic coast, is the most amazing thing. Villa Ivana holds so many beauties to be found. It is very refreshing and relaxing, to match up with the sun as it consecutively sizzles. Jump into the deepest end, and relax at night on the most comfortable and coziest bed. It would be so vital and worth it, to make a reservation with us.

Craving a lovely beach vacation?


     Crave that big apartment buzz, but at arm’s length? Dvornice's little store and the ice cream shop is a five-minute drive from Villa Ivana, a Bodrum-lite village with nightlife and sandy beaches. But kick back below the olive trees in the pretty walled garden and it could be Croatia's most spectacular archipaelego to overlook . A rustic, bare-beamed living room leads to a shaded terrace with sofas overlooking the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Fly to Croatia, and book with Villa Ivana.

Treasure vacation


Villa Ivana – brand NEW - is an excellent choice for you if you are looking to spend your vacation in the natural beauties of the Adriatic Sea and a Mediterranean climate accompanied by a rich historical and cultural heritage. The weather is always so beautiful and very peaceful here. Croatia alone, is among the top rated countries to vacation in, so earn your prize. The divine results are so compelling. Every guest we've had in the past, is primarily pleased with the results.

Seeking a fantastic vacation


     Desperate for a vacation? Gain the best home remedy for a humble vacation, at Villa Ivana. This villa located in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia offers more amenities to their guests because relaxing is the finest summit. Every guest is over-joyed when they see the refreshing Adriatic Sea just tiptoes away from the most sensational apartments Unwind yourself against the harndknock days, at the job.


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