Villa Ivana's location simplified

    Located in the Republic of Croatia, is a country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It borders Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the northeast, Serbia to the east, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the southeast, and it shares a maritime border with Italy. Beats any room for rent! Bright, relaxed apartments with free Wi-Fi & kitchens in a casual apartment and hotel is offering a vast parking space.


Fun by the beach;

First of all, the moment you book beach house vacation rentals you would be gifting the best vacations to your family. Beaches and sea water brings out the inner child in every person. If you wish to rejuvenate the spirits of your family members, then a vacation by a beach side is an ideal one. Affordability: The person booking the vacation is always counting the numbers and calculating the budget.


When it comes to value, Croatia is a budget-friendly destination

     Croatia offers local pricing on adventures like sailing trips, and local prices are quite affordable, as it has not yet reached the heights of Europe’s pricier destinations, like Paris and Rome. Croatia’s regions offer a diversity in culture and heritage. The country also boasts the highest number of UNESCO “intangible cultural masterpieces” in Europe. Nurturing its cultural heritage, traditions like the Saint Blaise festivities, knights’ tournaments, gingerbread crafting and traditional lace-making are alive and well.


Paradise sensation

     Have you ever spent a vacation time on the beach? Have you ever just wanted to get away and relax? Now's your chance, just join in at Villa Ivana in Croatia's dome. Beautiful breezes pass by every now and then, allowing the individual to feel relaxed at the utmost. No tourist has ever complained at the supreme luxuries, that have been met here.


Croatian destination

      Quit meandering for the best luxurious vacation getaway, when that villa is literally here. Villa Ivana nestled in Croatia’s most refreshing atmosphere. Utterly, feel the most freedom on the beach, nothing is more relaxing. Everyday feel cool breezes sway through your hair, like nothing before. Every guest that Villa Ivana has had, every guest prominently been so proud of the results, there are no regrets.



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