# of people in every villa

In the first place, apartment 1 it can hold an immaculate number of eight people, which is equivalent to costing about E160. Apartment 1 is on the top floor, cherished and loved by every guest. The full season is from July 1st to August 31st. Every guest primarily enjoy these villas because they are just tiptoes away from the Adriatic Sea, we are the closest house touching the most refreshing part of the briny in a few steps down. Experience the finest luxury of getting the darkest tan, in over a week stay at Villa Ivana.


Croatian luxury beachfront

  Located in Central Europe with unlimited tourist potential, Croatia is ranked as one of the most visited in Europe and has safe international destinations. It is also one of the most tropical and diverse, filled with so much beauty, an exuberance of wild sea life and comfortable  tanning layout beds. Oh, and did I mention cuisine of fresh figs on the trees in August? Pick them directly at your door in July to August,


Croatian beach destination (in Czech)

S více než 50 km dlouhým pobřežím vám Villa Ivana v Ostricka Luka Kanica v Chorvatsku nabízí obrovské množství krásných pláží, většinou oblázkových, betonových a přírodních kamenných. Některé z nich se hodí před nájemní domy a některé jsou ukryty v zátokách se zcela zachovaným přírodním vzhledem.


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