Bright beach vacation


     We are a terrific destination, don't hesitate to come back. The fun and joy are endless on a beach vacation. At times, there are many sea urchins, so make sure to bring water shoes----that is part of the reason why the sea at Villa Ivana's coast is so immensely clear and beautiful. Villa Ivana is the best quality apartments with a beach at your very tiptoes.

I dream of beach days that last forever...


     Spend a beautiful vacation, at these most beautiful, elegant apartments on the beach of Ante & Andrew's Beachfront apartments. Simply, relax and enjoy the beautiful summer in Croatia. We are the very first beach house that is touching the shores of the Adriatic Sea, in our area. It is granted, that you will enjoy the sun, time to time breezes, and refreshing Adriatic Sea beachfront at Villa Ivana.

Life gets better on the beach


     Under the natural Croatian sun, the sea gets warmer, everything copes. Register now, for an amazing holiday treat. Ante and Andrew's Beachfront apartments still has some vacancies in August through September. Are you up for a beach vacation? Release your captivated inner child, have fun; explore the riches of life on the beach.


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