Beaching is my super power


     Spend a beautiful vacation, at these most beautiful, elegant apartments on the beach of Villa Ivana. Simply, relax and enjoy the beautiful summer in Croatia. We are the very first beach house that is touching the shores of the Adriatic Sea, in our area. It is granted, that you will enjoy the sun, time to time breezes, and refreshing Adriatic Sea beachfront at Villa Ivana.

The sense of direction leads me to only one way


     The beach is the only destination for beach combers. Located directly on the beach of Croatia, nothing comes closer than feeling the tactile tips of the refreshing Adriatic shore. Villa Ivana is a beach rental house that can serve your every need of living on Croatia’s prime coast. Go swimming everyday, be free, captivate such phenomenal luxuries. Bring the whole family and friends to enjoy the same great times, here.


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