Absolute paradise

     Enjoy the most spontaneous luxury vacation on the beach front of Croatia's beautiful Adriatic Sea. Sleep on the most comfortable beds at night. Eat the most delicious and delightful breakfasts in the mornings. Villa Ivana will certainly treat you to the finest luxuries in four spacious gallant apartments near the Adriatic Sea. Be fingertips away from the most precious and refreshing Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic Sea is just tiptoes away. There are still a few vacancies in August, 2021 in Apartment #4, as stated in the following video.


Villa Ivana's beauty unvieled

         Is your life chaotic? Busy? Filled with too many obligations and too much stress? Then you need to escape to the secret serenity of Villa Ivana, serenely nestled away in the foothills of Croatia on the crystal blue Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the charm of local towns with cobblestone roads with their exquisite restaurants, shops, and entertainment.


Enjoy vacation on the beach

     Gain the best home remedy for a natural sun tan at Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia. Simply just plummet into the Adriatic Sea, feel the most refreshing part of the sea touch your gallant body. If every tourist loves vacationing with us, then why can't you too?


Croatian Sensation

     Are you tired of the noisy cities? Would you just like to relax on a remote beach, away from the crowd? Then welcome to Villa Ivana, a beach house to satisfy your quested desires. Feel the gusts of wind flow through your hair, at times. Feel free to do what you want on the vast beach of Villa Ivana, it includes a runway into the Adriatic Sea.



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