Prime destination


     Spend a beautiful vacation, at these most beautiful, elegant apartments on the beach of Ante & Andrew's Beachfront apartments. Simply, relax and enjoy the beautiful summer in Croatia. We are the very first beach house that is touching the shores of the Adriatic Sea, in our area. It is granted, that you will enjoy the sun, time to time breezes, and refreshing Adriatic Sea beachfront at Ante & Andrew's Beachfront apartments.

Take a beach vacation

     Have you ever relaxed on a beach? Have you ever had the beach infront of you? Now's your chance, just find a qualifying vacancy, and book now with Ante & Andrew's Beachfront. Everyday will be the most beautiful by essentially plunging into the most refreshing parts of the Adriatic Sea.

Brilliant vacation


     Spend some time on your own beach, be delighted to plunge easily through the most refreshing Adriatic Sea. There is nothing to fear, just go swimming everyday without a worry. No need to worry about parking, we'll provide a vast parking lot in the back of Ante and Andrew's Beachfront complex. Being the very first villa toughing the very fingertips of the Adriatic Sea in our area, Ante and Andrew's Beachfront should surely not be that difficult to find. 


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