Paradise Vacation


     Every elegant September morning is enlightened by a special delivery of breads immediately in front of your door. There is a wide variety to choose from: Sugar breads, jelly breads, plain wheat, to the national Croatian doughnuts, to corn breads. It will ultimately satisfy your delightful breakfast. Let it digest, rest a little bit.

Vacation sensation on beach


     Desperate for a hostile vacation? Do you want to just relax? Crave the Villa Ivana apartments, next to the most refreshing part of the Adriatic Sea. Unwind yourself against the hard knock days. Get more fun out of vacationing with Villa Ivana on a beach with your own spot, encompassing the refreshing Adriatic Sea, redeem yourself. Own a piece of paradise, with the Villa Ivana rentals.

Getaway from the chaos life...


     Have you ever spent a vacation on a beach? How about being in dazzling apartments next to the glittering Adriatic Sea? Now is your chance. Gain the best home remedy for sun tan at Villa Ivana in Kanica, Croatia---every guest is very pleased with the divine results. Simply just plummet into the Adriatic Sea, feel the most refreshing part of the sea touch your gallant body. Most of all, feel at home, while at the the same time, on the beach,

Vacation with us


     Have you ever lived a beach vacation holiday? Embrace everyday on the beach with such super luxury. If every tourist is so satisfied with their result of Villa Ivana, then why can't you be too? Bring the whole family and friends to enjoy the same vacation of swimming and tanning. Over a week is highly recommended to relax,

Beach life


     Have you ever relaxed on a remote beach? Experience the gallant beauty of Villa Ivana, immediately touching the refreshing Adriatic Sea. Be tiptoes away from the most refreshing part of the sea, enabling you to simply relax on a beachfront without any worries. Listen to the sweet harmony of seagulls fly by, the swaying winds will thrust through your hair each beloved morning.


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