Croatian rentals on the beach,


     Everybody is welcome to the Ante & Andrew's Beachfront apartments, just get registered now. The water will still be warm in September, which is perfect to coorelate with the heat wave that is passing through Europe. After swimming in the refreshing Adriatic Sea, it is highly reccomended to go back inside for a few minutes not to get sun burnt, then do it again until nightfall. Repeat this simultaneously, and get such a dark natural sun tan in return. Be so proud of the results, that you'd love to book another summer with Villa Ivana, if possibe.

Experience the Adriatic Sea at your fingertips,


     Have you ever spent a vacation on a beach, before? There is so much beauty to experience at this Ante and Andrew's Beachfront located in Croatia's most admirable coast. Worship every moment of naturality on the beach, that you'll be absolutely amazed. Live, enjoy, and praise the best aspects of life. Life is so much better on the beach. 

Super beach vacation


     We don’t offer just apartments, you can get the whole Adriatic experience in Croatia. Personal assistant for your holiday, fall in love with the most relaxing region and where to eat the best fish… Embrace yourselves, live the superior natural life, get the free breezes swooshing through your hair, feel cool. The ultimate Croatian relaxing destination is based primarily 6 meters away from the sea, in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia, can't miss it. Simply enjoy your holiday vacation with us, Ante and Andrew's Beachfront will have you covered.

Beachfront vacation,


     Behold; embrace every valuable moment of the endless summer fun. It is the most anticipated moment when you can breathe in and exhale the fresh beach air. It is an absolutely such a jaw-dropping and enticing summer vacation at Villa Ivana, with the sizzling sun, plus having the resilient and refreshing Adriatic Sea at your very footsteps.

Discover this marvelous treasure,


    Unlike the ordinary squished in apartment villas far away from the sea; Ante and Andrew's Beachfront will astound you even more so by proving the fact that we are the prime villa which is the closest to the Adriatic Sea. No need to find enough space on the beach to essentially layout, there’s enough space for everyone on Ante and Andrew's Beachfront's vast dock. Ante and Andrew's  Beachfront beach is directly touching the refreshing Adriatic Sea in just a few plunges.


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