Experience the Adriatic Sea at your fingertips,

     Have you ever spent a vacation on a beach, before? There is so much beauty to experience at this Ante and Andrew's Beachfront located in Croatia's most admirable coast. Worship every moment of naturality on the beach, that you'll be absolutely amazed. Live, enjoy, and praise the best aspects of life. Life is so much better on the beach. 

It will be so marvelous to go to the beach and enjoy the best parts of life everyday. Ante and Andrew's Beachfront only treats the best of people, so act good. It feels so good to live near the beach, what's more, is living a few paces to the shore of the Adriatic Sea. This is a whole package, all in one reservation, so reserve now with Ante and Andrew's Beachfront in Croatia. Offering huge discounts in July through September, the water will still be so refreshing.

Replenish your inner child, go swimming to the furthest end, and uncover the hidden gems. Vacationing at Ante and Andrew's Beachfront is so spectacular, that every tourist is so proud of the magnificent results. Claim your vacant spot now, to enjoy the best parts of vacation, at last. There are a few vacancies left, and they are--- July 20 through July 28 in Apartment 4 for three people. Contact Danica at danica@villaivana.com for further information.