2022 summer rentals in Croatia

Your 2022 holiday sensations will ultimately glow, Villa Ivana has you covered in the 2022 summer. Shine the brightest, during a vacation stay with us. Lie down on provided sun lounge chairs; get utterly the best dark tan at Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia. Get more of an exclusive vacation with us. Descend just a few meters, and you can feel the extraordinary, spectacular, refreshing Adriatic Sea at your fingertips!!

Plummet into the sea; revive your inner child by jumping in all motions into the nearby sea. Reserve your vacation recess, on a remote and natural beach. Reserve a brilliant and easy vacation with Villa Ivana, guaranteed. There is no other apartment house in Croatia that offers such amenities. We speak English, Spanish, Croatian, and similar Slavic languages.

Your joy is our pride and pleasure... Croatia simply ranks as the best vacation country, even much more on a tranquil, remote, peaceful beach. There is absolutely nothing we admire more, than seeing our tourists smiling every day. Forevermore, be astonished with the amazing views of the dazzling scenery at Villa Ivana. We have four very beautiful apartments to choose from, nearest to the beach engulfing the most refreshing Adriatic Sea.

   Much more than that, enjoy going kayaking over the Adriatic Sea, explore the beautiful Adriatic Sea, with a simple reservation at Villa Ivana. Enjoy the best days of vacation at Villa Ivana, with no regrets. Satisfy your whole family, and bring a friend along to also share the magnificent stories with others. Play games on the beach, jump into the water, dive into the deepest end, have so much more fun. We have a few vacancies available in the 2022 summer, so claim your room before it's gone. So, why not enjoy a beautiful, hostile holiday vacation at Villa Ivana?

Do you want to live on a rat race, or on a spectacular and spontaneous beach? The experience is so tremendous and superb. Forget about worries, have fun under the sun, at Villa Ivana. Smell the fragrant aroma of the beautiful Adriatic Sea tiptoes away. You will absolutely fall in love with our beach’s decor. For example, we certainly have the vastest beach and vastest parking available in our area.

Let the gleaming sun tan your bodies, and get the darkest tan than ever. The sea life is home to 1000’s of fish, very interesting, without a doubt. Eat the most delicious foods, and sleep on the most comfortable beds. Villa Ivana has such fabulous apartments on the beach of Croatia, it cannot be beat. Every friend would be thrilled to hear your stories of the holidays at Villa Ivana.

Every apartment has enough amenities to satisfy you completely. Villa Ivana is home to many tourists that simply love to comeback, so reserve your spot now. This is a really nice location with such great views of the beach; the amounts of fun on the Villa Ivana beach are endless. Escape the crowded, noisy city life, and simply enjoy a gallant getaway on the beach. Villa Ivana has a buoy meant for a tidy boat; explore the Adriatic Sea at your desire.

Planning a dreamy escape for you and your special someone takes time. There are various details you must address, including:

• Location – the destination you choose will set the mood for your vacation. Choose a location that will ensure romance, such as Villa Ivana, in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia. Our secluded location offers plenty of privacy for one-on-one time with your loved one.

• Activities – you must decide if you want to spend your vacation partaking of various activities, or simply enjoying each others company.

• Accommodations – you want your special someone to have the best of everything. Choose a beautiful beach apartment out of four with the most brilliant views of the Adriatic Sea. It provides luxury and all the amenities, at a price you can afford. After all, a vacation is no fun, if you spend all of your money on a room.

• Memorability – you want your romantic vacation to be unforgettable. Plan the details to ensure that your special someone has a vacation he or she will never forget. Contact us, and we can help you plan a romantic vacation that is sure to bring back fond memories for a lifetime.

• Currently, we are accepting reservations for the 2022 summer holidays, so book now with us. By: Andrew Milan Bosnjak