Questing a fantastic vacation?

     We humans are an interesting lot. We just need to celebrate something – all the time. It is the best way we know to experience local culture and the joy in life. Here in Croatia, we’ve got our own special brand of celebrating our diverse culture and southern living. From our second line parades, to the summer festival season – heck, we even celebrate omelettes – every day is a new reason to commemorate something.

Ah, the almighty Scamps, The delicacy of the Croatian cousine with beverages. There is a nary restaurant menu that offers a prominent delicacy of Scampes on the menu---indeed it is cooked in a variety of ways. So why not take it a step further, and live the best life on Villa Ivana's beach in Croatia's domain? There are a ton of them throughout the state of Croatia with food, music, and different festivities that occur.

Eggs, anyone? With roots going back to Napoleon and the south of France, the celebration of the salty Scampes has become synonymous with Easter, fraternity, and friendship. This yearly festival in the central based part of Croatia, has all tourists mouth-watering, it celebrates all things  with egg, and the main event is a bevy of chefs getting together to prepare what started as a 5,000-egg omelette feast. Fun fact: one egg is added to the omelette each year, so in 2021 they will hopefully cook 5037 eggs!

Hence, being located nearest to the beach, why not release yourselves in the Adriatic Sea? It will be at your very footsteps, so feel free to let yourself loose. Every summer is filled with joy at Villa Ivana, hold no regrets, so bring the whole family and friends, to enjoy the same fun stories at home. The divine results of every delicate reservation, leaves every given guest proud. So, try reserving a reservation now, offering huge discounts in September. By- Andrew Milan Bosnjak