# of people in every villa

In the first place, apartment 1 it can hold an immaculate number of eight people, which is equivalent to costing about E160. Apartment 1 is on the top floor, cherished and loved by every guest. The full season is from July 1st to August 31st. Every guest primarily enjoy these villas because they are just tiptoes away from the Adriatic Sea, we are the closest house touching the most refreshing part of the briny in a few steps down. Experience the finest luxury of getting the darkest tan, in over a week stay at Villa Ivana.

Secondly, layout on a provided beach bed in the Croatian shining sun, after swimming. It is that simple. Just be sure to bring enough sun screen to protect your body from the everlasting Croatian solar sun rays. Every guest is quite astonished at the finest luxuries Croatia can deliver, especially while staying at Villa Ivana. In the meantime, enjoy the Croatian Archipielago that awaits you...

Moreover, Apartment 2 can serve a total of four people and is E80 in full season. Apartment 3 holds four people also, and has a washing machine. It is equivalent to E85 in the full season. In Apartment 4 it can serve two people, and is equivalent to E55 in the full season.