Vacation sensation

Are you desperate for a modest vacation, sick of the annoying crowds; packed beaches? Quit being bundled up on the plazas because Villa Ivana offers its guests plenty of space to relax on, directly on its beachfront. Plunge just a few meters downward and be tiptoes away from the most refreshing Adriatic Sea. It will certainly amaze and astonish you to get so much satisfaction, indeed, hold no regrets.

What is more, you can always go sight seeing and explore the other treasures Croatia has to offer. Every guest is primarily so pleased with the precise results, Villa Ivana will more than unquestionably move you. Vacationing in Croatia is a prize for all people, especially next to the beach. Take it for granted, spend one summer with us, and never go elsewhere.

Sleep on the most comfortable Tempur- Pedic beds at night, allowing you to be so refreshed in the morning. For proof Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia has allegedly been nominated a four- star rating. Since Croatia is so full of life, why not make the best of it? Situated on the coast of Croatia’s marvelous coast lies Villa Ivana. Just be sure to bring your swimming gear because it is a whole new world underneath the sea, (many things to see and explore).

Every summer be delighted with having a few bread trucks surpass by, carrying the most delicious breakfast, along with little Croatian doughnuts and cakes. No need to worry, there will be enough food for everybody. Villa Ivana has a very vast parking lot, allowing many people enough space to park their cars on. So, be sure to tag a friend along. Be sure to place a deposit of a hundred Euros to this Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia, then you can even book the dates yourself.

Hurry up because time keeps ticking so fast, before you know it, other people have reserved your desired date. Apartment 1 can incredibly serve a swapping number of nine people in total, all of Villa Ivana’s guests’ loves this villa because it is the top floor rental, you can even see everything. Apartment Two is immediately underneath, serving a total of four people +2 more, including the extra single beds that we can offer. Apartment three is located right in the middle, which can serve a total of five people. Last but not least, there is Apartment four, which can serve three people, nice and tidy apartment.

Hence, which villa do you want? Try to book on vacant dates, find available dates.

By: Andrew Milan Bosnjak