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Experience the fine tasting Croatian Wine and most delicious foods, of all kinds. smiley

Croatia offers wine-tasting tours that rival those of both France and Italy. Thanks to the perfect vine-growing climate in the Danube region, Croatian vineyards are able to produce great-tasting wine that is wildly underrated. With dozens of wine clubs to join in, visitors have the opportunity to sample all that the region has to offer. What goes with great wine?

Great food; delicious Caviar, what not. Croatia offers amazing Mediterranean cuisine, inspired by Italy and often prepared in a home-cooked style. Croatia is an ingredient-rich country, and the seafood is of awe-inspiring quality there. Experience all this and more at Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia. After all, Croatia is so full of life; why not try to make it the best? By: Andrew Milan Bosnjak