The Beach House at Villa Ivana, Kanica Croatia

     The Beach House at Villa Ivana, Kanica is an ultra-modern private sea view villa, located directly on the areas most beautiful beach. Sleeps 6-9 guests comfortably, it has four en-suite double bedrooms, plus a trendy mezzanine bedroom ideal for up to a further large family, Villa Ivana has such a relaxing setting for a total relaxing summer, that it is highly recommended that you will enjoy your summer, to the utmost.  Being located in the center of Kanica Villa Ivana’s most beautiful Aquatic crystal clear beach, there could be no better position on the town, than a Villa Ivana. The Villa Ivana, Kanica beach is picturesque and sheltered, and is therefore one of the few beaches in Croatia that offer you a total relaxation vacation of swimming in the Adriatic Sea at your foot steps,

Plummet into the sea, relentlessly, and refresh your body. It is located on Kanica’s famous Cape on Ostricka Luka's peninsular, which is surrounded by beautiful islands and is the gateway to the islands of southern Croatia, such as Brac and Hvar. Villa Ivana is on the southern coast of Croatia, where you’ll find the luxury end of tourism and away from the hectic work days. Villa Ivana’s lower-end mass-tourist offerings found on the local coast, making it perfect for both families and those seeking an exclusive, luxurious and relaxing beach holiday.\, The villa is also only 10-15 minutes away from Trogir Town with all of it’s modern bars, restaurants, colourful markets and designer shops; 15 minutes from the main shopping centers of the simple town; 15 minutes from Rogoznica’s famous day market; 5 minutes from this beautiful villa is Dvornice, with a tidy, cozy store, offering the best refreshments.

Rogoznica has a fine peninsular with it’s bars, restaurants, same as Primosten, and Razanj, which is very nearby. Rogoznica has an open sea Aquarium, which attracts many tourists with the glimpse of such amazing, interesting sea life. You could decide not to leave Villa Ivana, Kanica as there are wonderful restaurants and bars on your doorstep, including the Josko's restaurant located in Kanica on the Beach, the beach restaurant and beach club of Josko’s best restaurant (One of my personal favorites). They’ll prepare champagne and oysters, a ‘just-caught’ barbecued fish, or the area's best fillet steak tenderloin! Having all that said, Villa Ivana in Kanica, Croatia would be your ultimate best summer vacation, on the atmosphere of the Adriatic Sea.

It is so mesmerizing and hypnotizing at the beauty, that it will be a super memory for a lifetime. The Croatian lifestyle is simply to relax and enjoy the appealing views. Swimming and tanning on sun tanning beds have been the biggest source of opportunity in paradise at Villa Ivana’s luxury. If you’re in for the treat, then feel free to do so. Most of the younger people in our town speak English. Villa Ivana is located at the beginning of Ostricka Luka's Adriatic bay,

It has been a backpacker’s destination to enjoy the luxurious Villa Ivana amenities. Sleep on the most relaxing beds, eat the most delicious Croatian foods. Tourists come from all over the world, to relax here. Villa Ivana is truly a "paradise" for beachgoers. It is surrounded by more than 60 other islands as some are small, and inhabited by few local people. The prize for coming here, will certainly amaze you, nevertheless.

Today, Rogoznica, Croatia is a cosmopolitan area that attracts everything from budget travelers who want to stay for a month or two in simple beach bungalows. Just stay at a luxury Villa Ivana apartment, or villa next to the beach. Villa Ivana is very unique among other Croatian villas, embrace vacation while residency here. We accept all tourists, from every nation, as long as you and your family respect the Villa Ivana apartments. This helps to give the characteristic of the relaxed Croatian atmosphere. And everyone is welcome!

Book apartments now. for the 2020 months of July through September. Villa Ivana awaits you.

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By: Andrew Milan Bosnjak