Vacation with us,

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Villa Ivana is a natural resort for beach lovers. Internet and parking are free to all customers that decide to vacation with us. Your 2020 September luxurious destination will ultimately glow, Villa Ivana has you covered. Shine the brightest, with a vacation stay with us. Lay down on sun lounge chairs; get utterly the best dark tan at Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia.

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winkThere is no other that offers such amenities. We speak English, Croatian, Spanish, and somewhat similar Slavic languages, Your joy is our pride and pleasure... Croatia simply ranks as one of the best vacation country's that you'll ever see, even more---spend time on a tranquil, remote, and very peaceful beach.

coolThere is absolutely nothing we admire more than seeing our tourists smiling every day. Forevermore, be astonished by the amazing views of the dazzling scenery at Villa Ivana. We have four very beautiful apartments to choose from, nearest to the beach engulfing the most refreshing Adriatic Sea, Play games on the beach, essentially plummet to the water, dive into the deepest end; have so much fun. We have a few vacancies available in May and June, July, August, and September. So, why not enjoy a beautiful, successful, and hostile holiday vacation at Villa Ivana? Tremendously, reserve the 2020 summer apartments in Croatia now with no regrets; whatsoever, By: Andrew Milan Bosnjak