VillaIvana's kayaks

This summer at Villa Ivana, we will be offering kayaks for use by all our guests. In order to borrow our kayaks, we require you to sign a waiver form. This form is required for your safety, and our safety when using our kayaks. By:A. M. B.

Jole's and Marko Scugor's Concert was very fun


Jole performed in Rogoznica in August of the enchanting summers, it was very awesome to see him perform LIVE in concert. Villa Ivana is very close to Rogoznica. My most favorite song that he sang, was about couples, that the women know only how to wait for the money, and then spend it all. They have many other concerts occurring on a schedule, at times in Honduras, or Aurrora (Clubs near Villa Ivana). Get booked easily with Villa Ivana, to experience the same result, have more fun.

The emergency number to dial in Ostricka Luka (If there is any case)


The number is 921--- dial it at any emergency, any time. Villa Ivana will not hold responsibility for any injuries. We are just a beautiful hotel in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia. The emergency vans will come straight to our hotel, at your service. Stay safe. - By: A. M. B.

Interesting fact of Villa Ivana


     Do you want to get away from it all, and find the best relaxation, at a luxurious getaway? The apartments of Villa Ivana can certainly meet that same feeling, sit back, and relax at Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia. Release and relieve yourself from all the troubles, and just enjoy life more with us, guaranteed. Go swimming, get your dark tan, adore your life.

Luxury at your foot steps


     The destination image and positive thinking have been a perceptual and cognitive component. Croatia has been notoriously rated as the top of tourism destinations, as of 2016 and many more previous years. It would be wise to make reservation with us, soon. Villa Ivana can utterly satisfy you completely, at every aspect! We are a beach apartment rental house. Renting four most beautiful apartments on the beach,


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