Directions and info to VillaIvana


     Come and discover all of the aspects of this unique natural gem by boat, kayak, on foot via the trail or with flippers/mask/snorkel. Immediately from the start, it's completely worth it! Be careful, the entrance to the beach is a little steep. Villa Ivana will provide you with all the necessities for the ultimate relaxation days, yet to come. To get off the grip of the city---cars rumbling, passing by, the combustion of commotion, and just find time to just relax to the maximum at this remote villa, http://v=A1Gva72o-f8&t=7s,

Paradise in a treasure box


     Nestled in the footsteps of Croatia, lies a beautiful apartment house by the refreshing Adriatic Sea, presenting Villa Ivana. A true paradise, with calm clear waters, when the tide is low, Villa Ivana will surely treat you to satisfaction, on a high note... In order to reach the beach, you have to make your way down a short set of gently descending steps paved in the Portuguese style and bordered by lots of vegetation on either side: pine-trees, mastic-trees and Spanish broom. Plunge down seven steps, and you can immediately touch the refreshing Adriatic Sea.

Croatian destination


     Discover a contemporary accommodation seamlessly blended with old-world European charm at the Croatian metro-politan hotels and resorts. From urban sanctuaries in Sibenik-Knin and Split to exotic luxury apartments in Ostricka Luka, Croatia, we offer some of the most exclusive destinations across Europe, especially at Villa Ivana. Take a look at our selection of the most beautiful beaches of the European coastline. Pack your bathing suits, your sunglasses, do not forget the sunscreen, and discover those heavenly Croatian beaches.

Sun tanning deluxe


It is very anonymous getting a very dark sun tan at Villa Ivana To the utmost, you will be very fond with the natural dark and sexy tan at Villa Ivana's beach/ plaza. It is very sunny, so be sure to bring enough sun tanning lotion. Sun tanning or simply tanning is the process whereby skin color is darkened or tanned. It is most often a result of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

Fun facts-


     There is a big cliff to the side of Villa Ivana followed by a smaller one that you can jump--- for the adventure. Be sure to bring water shoes with you, it will help you get out of the water. Enjoy your summer days here, at Villa Ivana, without any regrets. There are vans that bring food, every morning. Eat the very best breakfast, then go swimming in the Adriatic Sea!! Make your summer the best! Leaving you with not much need to go to the grocery store. Go swimming every day, work those muscles, it stands exponentially, as another source of rehabilitation.


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