Be awoken by the sweet symphony of seagulls

     As the seagulls are singing, hear birds chirping every morning, you would be sympathetically awoken with such harmony, at ease in Villa Ivana. Live it up, by going swimming everyday, enjoying your life, for the moment. Relaxation will certainly be met, Villa Ivana can certainly make you feel at home.

Also, there will be about four bread trucks that will greet you the minute you step out the door. They will be offering you a wide variety of breakfasts to choose from. Nonetheless, enjoy the endless summer days at the one and only Villa Ivana, in Kanica, Croatia. Take a certainly relaxing vacation with this villa, enjoy your vacation with Villa Ivana, in Kanica, Croatia... Relieve all the stress, and your worries on a beach vacation at Villa Ivana in Kanica, Croatia,

Moreover, it is a top paradise to vacation with us, so make up your mind. Get more out of a leisure time with Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka, Croatia. Plus, Croatia is so full of life especially on the beach, at Villa Ivana, Nonetheless, enjoy a beach vacation in a top rated vacation country. Be sure to bring some sun tanning lotion with you. We provide you with the rest.

Furthermore, we are renting a house on the beach with four spacious apartments to choose from, on a luxurious, satisfying beach, in Croatia. The number of days will get counted, after the enjoyment of vacation is met. A week or more is highly recommended, Bring a friend, or all the family, to enjoy a marvelous beach vacation. It is well worth the experience.

Get all this and more at this Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia. The Beach Restaurant just one minute away also serves delicious Croatian food directly on the beach – a real ‘no shoes’ experience and always popular. Villa Ivana in Kanica is a quiet contemporary, spacious and light. It had to be visually stunning, and to allow the spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea to be enjoyed from all areas of the villa. Most importantly, the villa had to make the occupants feel special, and very worthwhile,

We have made the villa to be an absolute luxury, making you feel like the refreshing Adriatic Sea can be touched. This gives all occupants the maximum light and space. There are two double bedrooms, plus a mezzanine floor overlooking the open-plan living area which can sleep four children, with a further eight adults, on the top floor. The main living area enjoys a 4.5m high ceiling giving you a real sensation of space and light, in apartment 2. It features a large open-plan living area, dining and fully equipped kitchen, Equipped with lounge and soft-seating it will be so nice to catch up with friends on Facebook or Skype, using the high Wi-Fi speed internet.

The living room windows fully open, and lead onto the terrace for outside dining, or a tender barbecue. Connected to the terrace is the balcony, which can give such a deluxe view of the shiny Adriatic Sea. No tourist has been unsatisfied with the magnificent results. There is a fully-equipped plaza on Villa Ivana's beach, perfect for eating foods, and tender barbecue, plunge down to the sea, at no expense. Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia can certainly satisfy your great vacation, sun loungers plus beach relaxation are perfect to give you shade, or to enjoy a harmonious swim in the Adriatic Sea,

Spend time by the luxurious beach of Villa Ivana. You’ll enjoy wonderful sea views from every corner of the garden, and can access the beach and sea at the footsteps of Villa Ivana, The Beach House at Ostricka Luka, Kanica, is Villa Ivana’s most contemporary beach house, like beach houses, it is a one in a million property that touches the very tips of the Adriatic Sea, can't miss it. Do consider that it’s directly on the beach and with a seafront location, mixed with its striking contemporary design, real pre-cast stone decorated.

Consider the fact it gives you a summer-round swimming adventure, makes this villa the best choice for families or groups of friends alike, Simply relax in the utmost tranquility of this beautiful villa, in Croatia. Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia can certainly provide you with such great satisfaction. At Villa Ivana, it can be extremely crowded in the summertime, Sometimes it is difficult to find the spot to take a picture without strangers walking into the frame. It is especially bad around sunset hours, so be relaxed, at the utmost, by haaving the refreshing Adriatic Sea at your very footsteps.

The only time when you absolutely can have a place for yourself with the total freedom to set up a tripod anywhere you want is when all tourists are sleeping; the sunrise hours. Enjoy freedom swimming near Villa Ivana's coast, go kayaking for free and explore the rich aspects of life, wonderful sights. So relentlessly, book an apartment out of four at Villa Ivana now, for the 2020 summer,[0]=68.ARAWxVIREDxo-SVxIwR7efKDvSrDRmSyJeh5fdu1aA_mEl0s6Fv-53NTL5RKxuOxLeDOeiWKjeMe7MleT5Le1DKDr762dQj5lEj3HwQxqrAn7R5lWh-Lj5cxuDlXaOs6tTtcI2tdOw3f&__tn__=K-R. Enjoy vacation, and at the same time, just thrive on the Villa Ivana beach and jump into the most refreshing part of the Adriatic Sea. Alas, Villa Ivana in Kanica, Croatia will certainly please you, to the utmost. By: Andrew Milan Bosnjak