Ante & Andrew's beachfront apartments


     Elegant beaches with bathing establishments alternate with cliffs, luxuriant marquis, and ancient watchtowers. Embellish yourself by enjoying gusts of wind relaxing your body in the sizzling sun, then take a dip into the most refreshing part of the Adriatic Sea. In front of Villa Ivana's bay, there are crystal clear Blue waters. It is of course very sincere to have vision of where your stepping in the Adriatic Sea.

Paradise villa


     First and foremost, everything you'd want in a summer vacation will be immediately in front of you. Small but refined, exclusive and open-minded, elegant and rural: Ostricka Luka is a village of exciting contrasts.

Directions and info to VillaIvana


     Come and discover all of the aspects of this unique natural gem by boat, kayak, on foot via the trail or with flippers/mask/snorkel. Immediately from the start, it's completely worth it! Be careful, the entrance to the beach is a little steep. Villa Ivana will provide you with all the necessities for the ultimate relaxation days, yet to come.

Paradise in a treasure box


     Nestled in the footsteps of Croatia, lies a beautiful apartment house by the refreshing Adriatic Sea, presenting Villa Ivana. A true paradise, with calm clear waters, when the tide is low, Villa Ivana will surely treat you to satisfaction, on a high note... In order to reach the beach, you have to make your way down a short set of gently descending steps paved in the Portuguese style and bordered by lots of vegetation on either side: pine-trees, mastic-trees and Spanish broom.

Croatian destination


     Discover a contemporary accommodation seamlessly blended with old-world European charm at the Croatian metropolitan hotels and resorts. From urban sanctuaries in Sibenik-Knin and Split to exotic luxury apartments in Ostricka Luka, Croatia, we offer some of the most exclusive destinations across Europe, especially at Ante & Andrew's Beachfront apartments. Take a look at our selection of the most beautiful beaches of the European coastline.


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