Party at Villa Ivana

     The Villa Ivana crew and tourists had so much fun celebrating a mini- party at Villa Ivana, it is so exciting when we decide to have a party, at this villa. Eat the most delicious foods, taste the best tasting wines, have a fun getaway holiday. Why not join in? Treat your appetite to the supreme satisfaction, indeed. Get all this, and more at this Villa Ivana in Ostricka Luka Kanica, Croatia.


Vacant apartments in Croatia during the 2021 summer

     We have an extra plot of land that our customers can park their vehicles, or trailers at, Immediately above our vacation house, there is a vast free parking lot that we also provide. It is so phenomenal not having to deal with parking tolls in Croatia, simply, book your four beach apartments at Villa Ivana, and all will be taken care of.



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