Wonnderful beaches



     If you want to see and live on a beach, Villa Ivana can serve that need. Amazing views are at Villa Ivana, capture that glimpse. Embellish true vacation, an escape from the chaotic cities. Honor the rich aroma of the natural beach, which is so pleasant. Relaxation is certainly met at Villa Ivana https://www.facebook.com/bosnjakdanica/videos/10160313905030386/ in Croatia's most beautiful apartments near the cove of the Adriatic Sea.



     There is even a club in Primosten that you can visit, and experience the fun night-life. It is essentially called Aurora http://auroraclub.hr/, have fun dancing to music, and having a ball. In Primosten, you can buy many souvenirs, buy food at the local markets, have fun... It is very near Villa Ivana, It is quite interesting to visit.

Villa Ivana's beauty unvieled


         Is your life chaotic? Busy? Filled with too many obligations and too much stress? Then you need to escape to the secret serenity of Villa Ivana, serenely nestled away in the foothills of Croatia on the crystal blue Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the charm of local towns with cobblestone roads with their exquisite restaurants, shops, and entertainment.


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