Deciding where to vacation


     Visitors were surveyed at fourteen Croatian beaches in the summer to measure travel expenditures associated with a recreational beach trip. The majority of beach trips were made by European residents. In the mean time, at the beaches, it was 40000 tourists. Making a brief calculation, Villa Ivana would be the ultimate choice to make a European Vacation at. Make sure you can make a reservation with us, even on the long term, before anybody else because when it's taken, it is taken.

Enjoy luxury at Villa Ivana


     This beautiful estate often visited by chirping birds, spontaneous crickets, has "first-class service." Expect "very pretty views over the Kirka Falls" scenery from many vantage points. Rooms are decorated in hues of peaches and cream. "The design is Roman manor home with traditional furnishings of a very high quality luxury.

Attributes to Villa Ivana's coast


     The area of Ostricka Luka is roughly 25 square kilometers (it goes up a hill), then curves down a steep road, the main village being Rogoznica, Marina Frapa is well known for holding boats, and has many groceries there. Likewise, Villa Ivana has two buoys located near its coast, so feel free to tag a boat along. Villa Ivana was the very first house built closest to the sea, in our town.

Ante & Andrew's beachfront apartments


     Elegant beaches with bathing establishments alternate with cliffs, luxuriant marquis, and ancient watchtowers. Embellish yourself by enjoying gusts of wind relaxing your body in the sizzling sun, then take a dip into the most refreshing part of the Adriatic Sea. In front of Villa Ivana's bay, there are crystal clear Blue waters. It is of course very sincere to have vision of where your stepping in the Adriatic Sea.

Paradise villa


     First and foremost, everything you'd want in a summer vacation will be immediately in front of you. Small but refined, exclusive and open-minded, elegant and rural: Ostricka Luka is a village of exciting contrasts.


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