Escalating vacation

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     Surprise your family and friends by reserving fantastic villas at Villa Ivana in Croatia. This is a huge package, all in one simple reservation. Escape the chaotic, occupied, loud city life; instead, relax to the utmost at these sensational villas. Every tourist falls in love with Villa Ivana, so why wouldn't you too? Attempt to grab hold of an empty week or two, and live a paradise vacation in joy.

Booking calendar ready in June for 2020 summer

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     Do you want to enjoy every moment of vacation? How about on a tranquil beach secluded from the frantic crowds, and loud automobiles? Relax, nevertheless, introducing Villa Ivana, the most treasured villa because we offer so much to our guests, in all the land of Croatia. Situated on a road in the shape of an ostrich. Insight-fully chosen destinations can turn out to be far more than a relaxing, romantic holiday spot.


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